I’m sure you’ve been through the more interesting blogs on the lab49 site from our technical guys and so have a good idea as to the cool nature of the projects that we do. We are working on a simply fantastic project in London; I’ve had a number of colleagues tell me that it’s going to be career-defining and that they’re very glad to be a part of it.

I cannot guarantee that every project that you work on with Lab49 will be career-defining but the fact that we do work on such projects should give you an indication as to how cool the work is that we do here. So, what oo you need to be part of our team?

A great attitude – flexible, hard working, committed, ethical and open-minded
Passion – for technology and it’s application in a business environment
Technical excellence – a commitment to providing high quality applications and consultancy to our clients. Drive to further improve and enhance technical skills and knowledge.

If you’ve got all of the above in addition to at least one of the following skills gained from working on complex and challenging projects in a professional environment, I’d love to hear from you:


Feel free to contact me to learn more: marie.downes@lab49.com or 020 7096 4274


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